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1.20% daily for 30 days
1.50% daily for 50 days
1.80% daily for 100 days
(Principal Return)
Minimal Spend: $20
Maximal Spend: $100,000
Referral: Yes
Withdrawal: Manual

NanoMoneyCorp is one of the best ever established company that help to get financial advantage from nanotechnology research.NanoMoneyCorp work closely with the Taiwan governmental investment into nanotechnologies as we have unique and undisclosed connections with several investment funds!We are an alliance of consultants with technology, business, market research and legal experience. Our knowledge and awareness together with the information we use once gave us something more then just satisfaction in stock trading. We found a new niche.Very new and very profitable.And this possibility is no more just a benefit of a few chosen. We make it possible to everyone with the help of Internet right at your home.Now you may become a part of the future.
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EMGF:1.0-1.9% daily
WBMF:5.8%-8.2% weekly
CD:6% monthly
Minimal Spend: $10
Maximal Spend: No Limit
Referral: 3%+
Withdrawal: Instant

GeniusFunds is an innovative investment vehicle combining perfectly the high yield of the HYIP arena and the reliability of the mutual funds investments. Our Emerging Markets Growth Fund (EMGF) pays variable daily interest of 1.0% to 1.9% while the World Bond Market Fund (WBMF) provides for weekly payments of 5.5% to 8.5%. We offer state-of-the-art anti-DDoS protection, account access by phone, professional customer service featuring call centers in Europe and Asia, We offer investment products that provide flexibility, keeping pace with the individual demands of our investors.Live support.
Address:6 Karaiskakis Street 3032 Limassol - Cyprus
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200% after 50 days
(Principal returned after 30 days)
(Profit returned after 50 days)

Minimal Spend: $50
Maximal Spend: $50000
Referral: Yes
Withdrawal: Automatic

Novalex Finance Inc. is an initiator and innovator in the online retail foreign exchange business. Officially registered offshore in Republic of Panama since 2007 by a team of financial professionals and experts in Internet technology, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of online trading services in the currency market (forex). Trading record available, check trading results, certificate of incorporation is available too.
Address: Tumba Muerto Ave Century Plaza Tower, Office 2007 Panama City, Republic of Panama
Whois info:dedicated server, domain expires in 2013. Blockdos protection.Comodo SSL.
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1.20% daily for 30 days
1.7% daily for 60 days
2.2% daily for 120 days
2.5% daily for 200 days
(Principal Return)

Minimal Spend: $10
Maximal Spend: $100000
Referral: Yes
Withdrawal: Manual

The project StableInterest is working since 2006. It has been launched by the team of professional traders and analysts. Having brought together our skills and experience in the sphere of online investing, we are happy to offer reliable online-investing opportunity. Being a long-term project we offer real profit, with the professional approach and maximum security of your deposits. We accept funds to manage from our investors, with the further investing to the futures market, hence making maximum favorable conditions for everyone to get maximum profit possible in accordance with the terms of our project. Perfect opportunity to each investor type. Your home-business will bring you stable profit from cooperation with this reliable and long-term project! You will experience the professional approach and maximum security of your funds. Our investment portfolio includes more than 20 most favorable investment spheres. Among the rest we work of currency market, stock market. We trade futures on agriculture.Min. $3 withdrawal.
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up to 2.80% daily for 180 days
Minimal Spend: $30
Maximal Spend: No Limit
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual

.PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. has its principle place of business in Panama City, Panama where it is legally registered. Its business includes automated trading in Forex.PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. is a legally registered managed Forex trading company offering up to 2.8% daily for up to 180 days. Fully transparent: watch our Forex trading sessions real time and keep track of your transactions and company¡¯s profits.The minimum amount of withdrawal via e-currency is 1 USD.The minimum amount of withdrawal via bank transfer is 1000 USD. Documents of incorporation can be downloaded.
  • Documents of incorporation can be downloaded here.
  • The Notice of Operation (business license issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry) can be downloaded here.
    Address: PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. 50th Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite H Panama City, Panama
    Whois info:dedicated server, domain expires in 2018. Comodo SSL,Blockdos protection.Live support.

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    Opt:6-9% weekly for 20 weeks
    Agg:9-12% weekly for 20 weeks
    Pre:15% weekly for 20 weeks

    Minimal Spend: $10
    Maximal Spend: $200000
    Referral: 5%
    Withdrawal: Instant

    Asian Invest Group was established in 2006 by group of private investors from USA, UK, Australia and Singapore to provide best quality investment services for individuals and institutions willing to invest in high growing economics of Asian countries. Asian Invest Group focuses on investments in small to medium private and public companies and start-ups having strong growth potential. Our global partnership network helps us systematically identify, directly access and efficiently use the most unique investment opportunities. Our strategies allow us to mitigate the risks while maximizing investment return.Now we offer these rare opportunities on an exclusive basis to our clients worldwide.Asian Invest Group is incorporated as offshore company registered at Seychelles Islands. Check certificate of incorporation
    Legal address: Oliaji Trade Centre, 12 floor,Victoria, Mahe,Seychelles
    Australian office:5 Lakeside Drive Tally Ho Business Park Burwood East Victoria, VIC 3151 Australia
    Whois info:dedicated server, domain name 2007-2015, ddos protection.Comodo SSL.
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